Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if you build in my area?

The map on our home page shows the States where we build in green. Click the State on the map where you own land, or are buying land, then choose the county from the drop down list that appears under "Select Your County". All our areas are listed by State and County.

What is a Perk Test?

A perk test is done if you don't have access to public sewer and need a private septic system. It is a soil test normally conducted by your County Department of Health. It is extremely important to do this testing as early as possible, because the results determine how many bedrooms you are allowed to have in your home, and where your new home can be built on the property.

What do you mean by "establish my budget"?

Establishing your homebuilding budget, lets you know the general amount of money you will be able to borrow to build your new home. (estimated mortgage amount). It's not a mortgage application, but does let you know what price range you should be looking in for your new home. It's the first step in the mortgage process.

Does Lockridge build basements?

Yes Lockridge builds basements! Some floor plans are not compatible with basements due to their specific design, or in some wet or coastal regions, basements may not be an option. Your Lockridge sales consultant will be able to tell you which floor plans in your area can accommodate a basement.

What if I don't own land yet?

If you don't own land yet, but would like to build a new home. Lockridge can connect you with realtors who are already working with us. It's also a good idea to establish your budget early so you'll know your total budget for buying land and home.

Can I move forward with Lockridge if I have an existing home to sell?

You can absolutely move forward with Lockridge if you have an existing house to sell. Our lending partners will take that into account when determining your budget. You will know exactly where you stand and how to move forward.

What does "Custom" home building mean?

At Lockridge custom means being able to choose the options and upgrades that you want. We don't package or bundle anything, so you get what you want, your way. You can change the bathrooms, add closets, add garages and other custom options. We have a very efficient method for building which allows us to keep our prices so competitive. We don't build other people's plans.

How long will it take to build my Lockridge home?

It generally takes Lockridge 5-7 months to build a new home, depending on the size and complexity of your home. Construction begins when your loan closes and the building permit is issued.

Will I meet my builder?

After your contract or construction agreement has been signed, your building supervisor will make an appointment with you to meet at your property to do a site visit. You will also discuss the construction of your new home. This is an opportunity for you to bring up any questions you might have regarding the construction of your new home.

How much of a deposit or down payment is required at contract signing?

Lockridge requires a 1.5% deposit at contract signing. It goes toward the price of your new home. A down payment is different, and that's determined by your individual lender and mortgage product.

Will my price go up once I'm under contract?

No. Once you sign a Lockridge Construction Agreement Contract your price is locked in, and will not go up. However, at the site visit, if your property requires additional work such as heavy grading and fill, then your site work allowance only could increase.

What type of warranty does Lockridge offer on your homes?

We offer an ABS 1-Year Workmanship / 10-Year Structural Coverage Warranty program. Every new homeowner receives an Enrollment Certificate and Homeowner Warranty Orientation Guide. In some States like Virginia, subcontractors are independently licensed and warrant their work directly to you. We tell you the service they provided (example: fireplace), the subcontractors name and their contact information on your Warranty Enrollment Certificate.

Does Lockridge provide financing?

Lockridge has lending partners who provide a free service to establish your home building budget with no obligation. These same lenders can provide construction to permanent and other mortgage loans - they do all the financing.

Who takes care of permits?

To save you money, Lockridge provides completed permit applications and necessary paperwork (the permit package) which we send to you. You simply write a check and take it to your County Office. When the permit is ready, the County will contact you to pick it up or your Lockridge Building Supervisor will pick it up for you. This way, you aren't paying someone else to go to the County for you, or interest on that fee when it's included in the price of your home!

What do I need to get started?

To get started you simply need to own land, be in the process of buying land, looking for land, or being gifted land by a relative or friend. We can also connect you to a realtor who can help you find land. Remember, we're a build on your own land/lot home builder.

Who is going to build my house?

Lockridge is the brand name for/of the houses being built in all the areas shown on the website. The builders who will be involved in the construction of your home, and with whom you will sign the purchase agreement depends on the state. "Lockridge" is a group of independent builders (Wyndham Homes, LLC; Flowertown Home Builders, LLC; Danaf Homes, LLC)

Does the square footage listed online include the garage?

No, Lockridge does not add garage space into our identified square footage on any of our homes. The square footage listed are areas that are heated/cooled.